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Customer Reviews

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Height: 5'5"
Weight: 175
Bra Size: 38B
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Love it!

I thought I was reviewing the sweatshirt, not the tunic. I need to change my review.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 125
Bra Size: 32 B
Size Purchased: XS
Usual Size: XS
Fantastic shirt!!

Okay, this shirt is so comfy, perfectly sized/proportioned, and has completely sold me on wool for working out. I wore this and my Axis leggings to *fencing* of all things last night, fully expecting they'd both need to go straight in the wash after - nope. The magical properties of wool/merino were in full force in this (both of these items) - kept me the right temperature (I never felt hot, despite all the extra gear and wearing a long sleeve shirt underneath, something I could never do in a synthetic or even cotton shirt!), kept me from getting totally drenched in sweat (by the time I got home, my shirt was basically dry - again, not a thing that happens with anything else I've worn to fencing before), and today after hanging in the closet -- it passes the "sniff test" and could easily (will be) re-worn w/o a wash. Unbelievable. This is after a 30 minute warm up/conditioning class, *and* an hour & a half of fencing. With full fencing gear on over, holding the sweat/odors in. Unbelievable.

Great work-out shirt, with a length that keeps me from feeling self-conscious with my rear showing, performs well, etc. Great shirt to wear out & about as a regular shirt, with construction, feel, look, etc. that is very flattering. I will get tons of use out of this, in both circumstances, I'm sure.

Bra Size: 36D
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Great shirt, but thumbholes can be weird

I really love this shirt. Love it so much this is the 2nd one I bought. It fits well, drapes beautifully, and it tends to be the first shirt I grab every time. My only pet peeve with this is the thumb holes. The first Halsey I bought was in Forest Night (great color) and the thumbholes were oddly placed. As I have noticed with Wool& products, pattern consistency and sewing consistency is apparently still a work in progress for the company. Anyway, if I wanted to use the thumb holes on the Forest Green Halsey the sleeves ended up twisted, uncomfortable, and felt too short. Clearly either the cuff was not sewn in properly or the thumbhole was misplaced. But I love the shirt enough to forego using the thumbholes, so I kept it and realized I loved it enough to order another. This time I got the plum Halsey. Again, beautiful fit and drape. But . . . the thumbholes are actually placed and sewn correctly!!! LOVE IT!!! Despite my experience with the Forest Green Halsey, I would still recommend this shirt

Kate M.
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 190lbs
Bra Size: 42C
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Good fit, soft light wool.

I am already pulling this one out often and I’ve only had it a short time. I love the color - good dye quality. I have always bought wool for warmth, quality, and odor ease and am only now choosing wool for light weight uses. Here is the nitty gritty with the kind of details that I find helpful when I’m reading reviews. I have a couple of challenges in clothing myself: I cannot wear polyester because it will stink in half a day. My friends assure me I smell just fine, so I know it is me plus polyester and not just me. Wool and other natural fabrics usually work well for me. This wool is lovely and breathes well, with no lingering odors from me (or the sheep). I have an ‘apple body’ shape, broad shoulders, smaller bra size and look best in a long straight look or a ‘fitted at the bust and straight down shape. This works well enough for what I want, but also looked great on my adult daughter who tucked it into pants. It is a lightweight wool knit so it shows the bumps of my waistband unless I wear a snug camisole under it. My bra area is fine in terms of showing straps, etc, so it would probably look fine if I didn’t have such an apple belly. In fact, the photo on the website looks pretty accurate for a fit person. I bought the grey and love the color with black, blue jeans, and dark teal pants. the thumbholes pull a bit for me, so I don’t use them. The sleeves are not too long or short otherwise. I wear with a scarf or vest to break up the wide expanse of grey, which is partly the top and partly my broad shoulders. I would recommend and I would buy another, although I’d prefer a slightly lower neckline.

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 165
Bra Size: 32DDD
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Beautiful tunic

I’m happy with this top. I wanted a looser top that will drape on my stomach and this works. The boatneck is flattering, balances my curvy hips and doesn’t show bra straps. The fabric is opaque but thin enough to tuck into jeans. The plum color looks nice on my fair skin. I can wear a size small but ordered a looser fit because of the cuff comments in other reviews. Sleeves are usually long on me, and I have thin arms, so the cuff can twist enough to use the thumb hole; an offset seam would solve this issue. I’m really pleased and am considering ordering another color, even with the cuff design.

wearing merino comes with advantages