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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer R.
Size Purchased: 6/7
So soft and comfortable!

My son loves the Parker Tee! He wears it by day and sleeps in it by night. He is currently doing the 30 day challenge and is looking forward to the reward, but secretly I think that he loves that he doesn't have to change his shirt. It is moisture wicking and does not smell. He will be turning 10 soon and will wear the tee to his birthday party.
The color is not ideal on him, but he said it was the best of the 3 options. I am hoping for some more color options like emerald, pine, or an orange color.

Sierra H.
Size Purchased: 8/10
Bought one for all my boys

I bought size 4/6 for my 2 year old ( a little big). 6/7 for my 7 year old fits perfectly and 8/10 for my 9 year old ( fits perfectly). They love them and think they are so soft. My husband also has this shirt from wool@ prince so they all match!

I love these!

My little is too little to fit these shirts well right now, but I love them so much. The fabric feels just like my dresses and the colors are beautiful. We have the blue and the red, next time I order something for me I will definitely be getting the green too! Please make this in more colors, I am hoping to make this the only tee shirt in my little's drawer.

Size Purchased: 2/4
Fits them both!

I tried the same 2/4 Parker tee on my small 6.5 year old 46” 48# for comparison. She normally wears a size 6/7 from target. I will probably buy the next size up for her . But I think it’s great that it could fit them both.

Size Purchased: 2/4
Perfect size with room to grow

I got my just turned 3 yr old a Parker tee. This is the spruce green size 2/4 on my 36” 30lb 3 yr old(50th percentile so she’s almost exactly average for her age).

Sleeves go down to her elbow, shoulder fits exactly to the edge of her shoulders. Hem hits right at crotch level. It fits well now but there’s room to grow too.

She loves it! And I’m excited to make some pinafores to coordinate!

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