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Height: 5'5"
Weight: 140
Bra Size: 36G
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: M
Will learn to live with

Pros: the dark blue color is dark enough that I don't feel odd wearing a something with color--it's still close to black; the style is different from anything else I own and somewhat versatile; because of the sizing, even though only an S was available, it's almost like wearing an M which I probably would have preferred

Cons: the buttons are slightly uneven and the way the cloth was stored and folded has stretched the collar and button area in an unusual way that hasn't dissipated yet, so it won't lie flat; I'm not a fan of the flare at the tips of the sleeves that is theoretically due to ruching but seems stylistic and not to my taste--it seems to indicate a poor fit rather than a cool style; the fabric feels too "shiny" and "slinky" and this also hasn't worn away after washing like I'd expect--not a fan of this look

Like the dresses, they don't exactly fit my figure but the low maintenance aspect paired with the potential versatility is enough to tip the scales and help me continue on this journey to paring down from lots of stuff to a more reasonable amount of stuff. I hope.

Height: 5'5"
Weight: 170
Bra Size: 34DDD
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: M
it's a super top, but it's a bleeder

I love the top, it looks great. For fit, style, and color (red), I give it a 5. However, I've washed it several times and it still bleeds onto other clothes while I'm wearing it. I really enjoy it, but I fear wearing it will ruin other clothes (I already have several baby onesies and a white cardigan with pink spots from this shirt).

Height: 5'4
Weight: 138
Bra Size: 34DD/E
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Bought two, kept two

I bought the blue in Medium and the red in Large to check out sizing. I think the blue is a tad too small and the red a tad two large, but my husband liked both, so I decided to keep both as oppose to sending the blue (Medium) shirt back. I think a different review said the shirt seemed to stretch a little after wearing. I found that to be true after washing and drying the first time. It seemed to relax a little and fit better. Both blue and red shirt are darker than in the photos, but still quite nice. I decided to take the 30 Day challenge using the blue shirt. It seems to be holding up quite well. Depending on the manufacturer and style, I'm a M or L in shirt size. I am roughly 138 pounds and wear a size 34DDD/34E/34F bra size. I think if I had a smaller bust size (34C) then the Medium would definiately be the better fit

Saskia E.
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 270
Bra Size: 38H
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: 1X
The perfect travel shirt

One of my friends and I both bought the Walker in Modern Red, to do the Tops Challenge together later in the summer after we'd both returned from trips. In the meantime, though, we've both found it's the perfect travel shirt! I wore it while flying from DC to Nairobi--over 30 hours of travel--and loved how it regulates temperature. It's the first wool& purchase with which I've experienced body odor, but I blame that on having changed deodorant, not on the shirt itself. I washed it thoroughly at the airport, using natural sulfate-free shampoo, let it air dry, and it was fine.

A few notes on the fit, from a curvy woman (51"-41"-53"). At first, the sleeves were a bit snugger than I'd like. Knowing how much wool& clothes loosen, though, I wasn't worried about it, and sure enough, after a few wears, they were totally comfy. The buttons go down far enough to create a deep V when I want, and can be closed up to a crew neck at other times without stretching unflatteringly over my sizeable bust. It also hits the perfect point on my hips for me to leave it out over a pair of jeans or tuck it into a skirt.

Oh, and the color. Y'all. It's even richer and more beautiful in person. Totally smitten.

Nanci N.
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 162
Bra Size: No breasts
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: L
Nice shirt

Not a true red, more of a brick color. Wish I had gotten an xl as mine does not look as relaxed as the models shirt.

wearing merino comes with advantages