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about our wool

We source Woolmark® certified merino directly from the McBride family farm located on the coastline of SE Australia.

As a family-run organization, the McBrides are creating a sustainable company for generations to come. The farm is specifically focused on improving energy efficiencies, land conservation, and biodiversity.

signature jersey

A lightweight knit fabric that is soft yet durable. Comfortable for year-round wear.

78% Ultrasoft Merino Wool
22% Nylon
160 GSM
17.5 Micron Wool

Customer Reviews

Based on 608 reviews
Mary S.
Length: Long
Height: 5"7"
Weight: 150ish
Bra Size: 38D
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Perfect fit

It took me awhile to pick decide on which dress would be my first Wool & dress so I ordered several dresses because they are all so beautiful! The Willow Legacy is the perfect dress for me. I am pear shape with narrow shoulders and the medium fit me perfectly. It feels wonderful on and the swing works nicely for me. It is definitely a 4 season dress that I look forward to wearing many times over. I am taking a cruise around Iceland and she is coming with me as my only dress. I also purchased Axis leggings, Frankie shorts, a short sleeve top and a long sleeve for my trip and beyond!

Length: Regular
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 130
Bra Size: 30DDD
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: S

Glad to see there is a new version coming soon as the neck on this was too large for me. Unfortunately I didn’t realize this fast enough as I didn’t wear it right away and they refused a return. I can’t participate in the challenges as I am a nurse and wear scrubs to work. Maybe if I could I would have realized this in time.

Beth Z.
Length: Long
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 250
Bra Size: 42 G
Size Purchased: XXL
Usual Size: XXL
Most Comfortable Dress Ever

I love to wear the swing dress without or without my leggings. It is so soft. The first day I got it it was high 80s outside and I was completely comfortable. It is wicking and not too hot. I want more!

Length: Regular
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 280
Bra Size: 42D
Size Purchased: 2X
Usual Size: 2X
Beautiful but I have ideas for improvement

I love this dress. Purchased in the wisteria color (and as a soft summer with green eyes and ash brown hair, it is a perfect shade for me!). I'm plus-size and pear-shaped and tend to dress very modestly. I like that the v-neck is not too low. I have a D-cup (though I don't register as very busty) and no cleavage shows. The 3/4 sleeves are nice. Extremely comfortable, non-itchy, non-smelly fabric that I have come to expect from Wool&.

But overall the fit is just not as flattering as the Rowena dress that I have in the same size. While everything fits perfectly in the arms, shoulders, and bust, it clings just slightly to the stomach and hips. I wish it were 1-2" wider in that area so that it flowed a little more nicely. I also tend to wear this dress as a tunic over cigarette pants or skinny ankle jeans, not on its own (I would never wear something this short on its own, not even in the long version). For that reason, I wish you could purchase a "mini" version 3-4" shorter than the "regular" length...I think I will have it hemmed.

Overall, I'm glad I got it if for no other reason than I love the color so much and they don't make the Rowena in this color (please make the Rowena in wisteria!!). But I won't be purchasing this cut again.

Length: Regular
Height: 5'2"
Size Purchased: 3X
Usual Size: 3X
would be a shame to discontinue

This is my favorite, sleeve length, back pleat, neckline. (All of your short dresses could be 2 inches longer and I am 5'2". They just look a little skimpy as short as they are especially in larger sizes. All of your models look like they can't bend over without being really careful.) I can't understand why this style wouldn't be a basic in your line. Pretty much perfect style. Love the green shade.

wearing merino comes with advantages