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Pleasantly surprised

I have to admit being apprehensive in spending $148 for a throw blanket. But I love cozy blankets and wool& and it was available in black and thusly I was persuaded to order. And I LOVE IT!! If I'd ever manage to take a trip again in my lifetime (I'm being dramatic, I'm only pushing 41) this is coming with me. I use it as my only blanket I sleep with at night now that the season has changed. It's cozy and comfy and soft, I'd buy it again for sure.

I sleep with it every night

I've struggled to stay warm at night in bed, the location of my room is furthest away from our furnace. Now that I have this layer of merino wool underneath my bedspread I am perfect!
My two kids have their Woolino toddler blankets and now I have my own sized merino wool blanket throw.

It also is great repurposed as a scarf.

I can't wait to bring it with me traveling at the end of March. I'm bringing it on my carry-on!

Cheryl G.

Love this throw . . . color and weight! Just enough extra warmth to take the chill off without being stiffling!

I love this throw!

I did not expect to love this throw so much, but the #astoriathrowchallenge convinced me to give it a try. In fact, I'd ordered it last fall and sent it back (jaw drop) because it felt a bit too thin for the squishy blanket I was imagining. Oops! I hadn't thought to style it as a wrap, a triangle shawl, a scarf on a cold winter's day, a substitute for a cardigan... it's perfect for all of these. I was going to knit myself a triangle shawl, but instead, I just fold my wrap into a triangle and away I go. Or I drape it around my winter coat and when I get to my destination, I wrap it around me like a shawl and feel oh-so-put-together. Even if it's not made of the sweatshirt-like Sierra fabric (which is what I'd been imagining) it also works well on the couch as a quick blanket, and I think it'll be great for travel, too, truth be told. The washed navy color is nice: a subtle blue, dark, works well as a neutral. I'm so glad I gave this throw another try!

Violet T.
So squishy.

It's so soft, and squishy, and warm. I love it. I bought it as my reward for completing the 100 day challenge and I've used it daily since I received it. I love it.

wearing merino comes with advantages