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Customer Reviews

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A great dress

I bought this dress for my 5 year old granddaughter this summer, but only just saw her actually wearing it this weekend (because covid). It is darling! She is tall and sturdy and the fit is perfect, it looks adaptable to any shape kid. She wore it with the wool& footless tights, which are impressively made and comfy. She is very active, and this outfit, layered with a thick sweater, parka, and snow boots, didn’t hold her back from stomping, jumping, and running in the snow. My DIL says the dress wears like iron after many washings. Highly recommend.

would love these pockets on the adult dress!

I own 3 wool& dresses and am waiting on a 4th, but the one I'm dying to have is Maggie with these kids' style patch pockets!!

Pink or Purple Please?

My little girl is loving my "witch dress" as she calls it and I think she would love one of her own and to match Mom, which is a big deal when you are almost 4. A little Ro in Plum or a rose pink would be the delight of many little girls. Something to consider for the next go round. Thanks!

Kelly B.
Fabulous dress

My daughter is not a big fan of dresses but when I explained I was doing the 100 day challenge, she was super excited to join me. We purchased her the Rowena and it’s absolutely adorable. It’s sweet to see her feel so good in the dress. She has not stuck with wearing it every day as the temps have been too warm, but she does seem to love this dress! Perfect weight. Lovely material. Great cut. Love the pockets.

Jessica R.
This dress is comfy and cute! Love the pockets.

I bought this for myself a very small adult only weighing 42 lbs. My chest is 20" but bought the 6/7 for length. If I was a standing person it would be below my knees but I am in a wheelchair. No complaining about this dress!

wearing merino comes with advantages