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Customer Reviews

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Height: 5'8
Weight: 190ish
Size Purchased: L
This is not a dress but a tunic for tall women

Before I start, let me give a few caveats 1. I am an autistic female with a chronic illness involving my esophagus. Translation: I have a lot of sensory issues with clothes, my weight and abdomen size fluctuates daily and I cannot wear anything tight fitting on my waist else I trigger an episode. So the pony tail shirt dress trick is a no go. 2. I live in a cold climate where line drying is NOT practical or worth the energy and 3. most of my height is in my legs with a short torso.

That out of the way, how did my Breton stripe Margo hold up in the 100 day challenge? Pretty well as a tunic. I wanted to challenge myself with a print (since most people shy away from it...and I wanted to address my horizontal stripe induced fat-phobia) and while I have a lot of issues (see above)..Margo was the only dress that offered structure. Everything else since my body malfunctioned is baggy and I like a slight fit for work that willow and rowena could not give. However, Margo is not a long dress, she came up mid-thigh. The only reason I was able to pull it off is my area has a less stringent dress code (because winter is cold) and I could get away with leggings. Margo is also a thicker wool which was perfect for my needs, but it would not work in the desert that raised me. The fit is loose enough to accommodate the weight fluctuations and flare ups and the pockets are in the perfect position. I still pull for her once in a while when I cannot find something to wear in a flare up (and yep in my area on rainy days, Margo's thickness remains an asset.

She is fun to mix patterns with and I loved being creative with her. My other gripe is that the stripes are too close together making the pattern a bit dizzying. I have adjusted but I would have preferred larger print. But Wool&, PLEASE make stylish options for tall women in bolder colors. Not all of us want to wear earth tone sacks or black. In my case my wardrobe are neutral prints, reds, yellows, greens, and blues (and prints in said colors).

I do not regret her, but wish Wool& would not go on this long list of companies that more inclusive options for tall people. I would like to do Cora in garnet for my reward dress but am too wary of the height to try her.

PS: if you follow the challenge on instagram Striped margo is documented at @cest_ne_pas_une_robe

Diane F.
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 140ish
Bra Size: 36A
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
This is a fantastic dress

This dress is so soft and cozy! It has been too warm to wear it but just trying it on felt great. The fabric is heavier than the Rowena so the dress looks a bit mare formal. It will easily go with pearls to the theater or relaxing at home. I will be spending a lot of time in this dress!

C T.
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 130
Bra Size: 32D/30DD
Size Purchased: XS
Usual Size: XS
Faithful companion

I live in the PNW and have found myself constantly returning to Margo ever since getting my first one in February. Three months later, I am the happy wearer of two Margos, one in marine blue breton stripes (size small) and the second in black (XS). Once I got my second black Margo, my little collection of 4 wool& dresses - two Margos, one Camellia, one Sierra - felt satisfying and complete. (Though now I am predictably wondering if I should add a short-sleeved option...) For me, this dress will be a staple from October to early June. My Margos are typically worn to work in a business-casual setting *and* for lounging braless at home too; as well, I've had some temporary mobility issues and wearing my Margo has been blissfully irrelevant to those troubles. I haven't done a 100-day challenge yet, but if I were to do one in cold weather, it would hands-down be with Margo.

Sizing notes comparing small and XS: I'd suggest not sizing up if one is between sizes and intends to wear this frequently - for me, almost everyday. I first went with a small because I had read advice to do so for such a close-fitting dress, and I was concerned about the stripes clinging in unflattering ways. However, the dress quickly loosens up with wear and the thicker fabric seems to soften the appearance of lumps and bumps. The small Margo started out looking fairly good - if a bit long - but quickly became loose in the armholes for me, which I dislike for a work dress. (I've since shrunk it in the dryer and it has helped shorten the length, but the armhole issue hasn't changed.) Because my second Margo was going to be black, I then went ahead and got it in XS, figuring the color was more forgiving. At first, it was a little tighter than I would have liked, with the pockets sticking out oddly (as other reviews note) and a bit of clinging to my lower belly - but with extended wear over a week or two, everything seems to have mellowed out and the dress now skims that whole area attractively. Of course, this may not be everyone's desired fit - the outline of my figure is visible, tastefully so - but because I am quite petite and slightly curvy I prefer a fitted look. In black, it definitely continues to look professional and 'neutral' (my work goes better when I de-emphasize my appearance). Based on this experience, I'd continue to order Margo in XS in non-black, darkish colors (if more come in the future!); if in lighter colors I'd probably try both XS and small. I hope this is useful for others with the same build.

Please make in more colors, wool&! Margo deserves to be just as popular as Rowena; its fabric is the best wool& fabric!

Height: 5’0”
Weight: 125
Bra Size: 32C
Size Purchased: XS
Usual Size: XS
Pockets hit at an awkward spot for short women

I have been wanting to order a Margo for the longest time and finally decided to splurge on this and a Willow Long (both in XS). I really wanted to the Margo: the dress itself fit just right, the material is the perfect thickness, and it was SO comfy. BUT… the pockets sit on the sides of my upper thighs at the weirdest angle. They stick way out and look super unflattering. If I were a little taller or if the dress didn’t have pockets, I don’t think this would be an issue. I’m so sad to send this dress back.

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 189
Bra Size: 40DD
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Favorite Wool& Dress

I was able to trade my mystery Rowena for a mystery Margo in Redwood. It is my absolute favorite Wool& dress and I have Rowena, Maggie, Brooklyn, and Willow. The XL fits me like it was made for me. 46-40-46

wearing merino comes with advantages