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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 145lbs
Bra Size: 36A
Usual Size: M
Yes, please!

Love that this will be an A-line fit (aka: relaxed in the tummy area) so that it won’t cling to my postpartum belly. Absolutely love that it will have the option of v or scoop necklines! Please put this design into production!!

Height: 5’3”
Weight: 225?
Bra Size: 36DD
Size Purchased: XL
Usual Size: XL
Yes please!!

Would love this in several colors and with the wider straps that another reviewer below mentioned!

Also would you consider a racer back style with a shelf bra? I am looking for merino wool for sleepwear and that would be ideal.

Would purchase

I just bought a reversible white cotton tank. It is already a closet staple. I would purchase this in black or gray.

Elaine K.W.
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 159
Bra Size: 34D
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M

Hi! So I think this is going to be an indispensable, popular piece- and you may need to have two options:1) a shorter, swing version for those who breastfeed or like to wear tops untucked & 2) a longer, slimmer version for those more likely to wear it for exercise or as a layering piece who don’t want it to fly up during activity or show midriff or worse when bending & stretching! I’d be set with the long, slim in black, white, and charcoal! Love the reversible neckline😊

Height: 5'4"
Would buy in XS

I have a similar reversible style from Muji in cotton/span that I've worn to death. Of course they no longer carry it:( It's so useful as a layering piece. I'm not a fan of shirttails, as the sides are always too short. I have a long back, and can't use anything that's shorter than 24" on the body at CB. and I'm an XS. The price is a tad prohibitive, but I'm guessing it would pay for itself eventually. I agree about tags. If they are stitched in, please do so loosely.

Noted. Thanks, Lulu!

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 160
Bra Size: 34B?
Size Purchased: L
Would buy it

I'm unable to click on size (I get a message it's sold out), but I would buy a L or an M, depending on the cut.

Hi Liz, if you click on the size it should take you to a 'notify me when in stock' page. Thanks for your feedback.

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 128
Bra Size: 34C
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
my favorite tank

I have this in black and ivory form Wool & Prince and love it. Material has held up great after many wearing, and love the option for two necklines. The v-neck is DEEP. I'm comfortable wearing that on vacation, but definitely not to the office under a cardigan. The scoop neck is lovely and more conservative though, and I think having the two different options for very different occasions is great. Agree that there should not be a tag. Otherwise, I love everything - the length, the strap placement, the material - perfection!

Amazing, thanks Cat! It's a team favorite of ours.

Hyejean K.
Height: 5' 6"
Weight: 170
Bra Size: 36B
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: L
In fact, I *did* buy that! :)

I got one in off-white over at the Wool & Prince site. I love its reversibility, and the 150 gsm weight felt just right--not too thin to feel like it'll have a hole by the end of the season, but not so thick as to feel too hot as a layer. I also appreciate that the arm holes are not too deep, which seems to be a problem with tank tops these days. A few changes I'd love to see you make: 1) Can you make a tagless version? When I removed the tag from the crewneck side, the tag stitching was sewn into the neck stitching, and it was hard to tell which threads were for which, so I used my seam ripper conservatively so as not to undo the collar! So there's now still some extra stitching that I can see when I wear the crewneck side in the front. 2) Wider straps, please! The current ones definitely cover my bra straps, which I'm grateful about, but they're still too narrow. For larger women like me, the thinner stripes neither provide enough coverage of the shoulders nor look very proportional with the rest of the item. So I don't feel great about wearing the tank on its own, instead of as a layer. 3) A shallower v-neck. I'm surprised to find that I've mostly worn this with the crewneck in the front. That speaks well for the scoop in the neck, which is lovely. But it also is because the v-neck is too deep. I'm not particularly endowed, which probably has something to do with the extent to which the v-neck dips on me. But I can also imagine that if I had more boobage, the deep v-neck would still be a bit too revealing! Please bring that v up a bit! 4) More colors! The ones Kari listed below sound lovely. I'd love this in both navy and heather grey, both as useful a neutral color for me as cream or black. I'd also love to see this in a sunny yellow or bright orange. I don't know if natural dyes must always be so muted, but with summer coming up, I'm a bit tired of the desaturated colors I usually love so much.

Hi Jessica, thank you so much for all of your thoughtful feedback! We very much appreciate it, and are taking your thoughts into consideration for the tank.

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 275
Bra Size: 36d
Usual Size: 2X
Yes please

Would love to see these offered.... Magenta, lavender, Buttercream yellow, Lamb's ear green, brick, olive, coffee, mocha, linen, charcoal,

Appreciate it, Kari!