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This is the perfect travel dress. It’s going to be one of my basics. I travel with a carry on even for a month or so. Every item needs to be extremely versatile. My thanks to wool&. (Meridel P.)

I recently took the Rowena swing dress on a work trip to Colombia. I travel internationally often for work and was looking for a piece that would be versatile, comfortable and would not wrinkle easily. The dress packed beautifully and I was impressed how smooth it stayed during my 10-day trip. During these longer trips I am also traveling quite a bit domestically, to different areas in a country. For these travel days I need something that is comfortable and warm enough for time in the airport / airplane, but professional enough that I can land and head straight to a meeting. I wore the dress on two travel days in Colombia. Not only did it stand up to my needs, I also found It was a really perfect transition between distinct climates. Going from cool, crisp Bogotá to hot and humid Medellín was a drastic change and for a moment I questioned my wardrobe choice, however even in 80% humidity I found the dress to be quite breathable. This makes the Rowena dress a go-to piece for my work wardrobe, and in particular for travel (though I can't wait to wear it to the office at home as well). (Katy K)

I bought the Rowena last year, and it is my favorite and most used piece of clothing. (Kathleen H)

Reversible belted tank- the Avery dress- is a winner. A bit longer than my Rowena, and truly reversible. So many ways to wear it, and I love the teal blue color, which feels like a spa. (Maggie B)

This swing dress is amazing. I wore it to a chilly evening garden party Friday night paired with jeans and booties. Then Saturday wore it to a town an hour away with heat of 98 degrees paired with my chucks. I was never cold or hot on either day. It was perfect dressed up with jeans and booties for the garden party and dressed down the next day for bow shooting with the kids. I love it. I bought it for a 4 week trip to England and Ireland this fall but can’t help wearing it early. (Alicia)

Merino wool is quality and beautiful. One of the best wool companies in the United States. (Kathy E)

I LOVE this swing dress more and more. Heading into real heat in Austin now and STILL it’s the loveliest, most comfortable, durable, incredible piece of apparel I possess. (Kathy R)