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Customer Reviews

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K.C. S.
Length: Regular
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 150
Bra Size: 36 c
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: L
Super happy

I ordered a large but could have got a medium. This winter I’m layering with long sleeve t-shirts underneath and tights but it’s going to be perfect for all weather!
I’ve only washed it once, but it looks great and ready to go!

Length: Long
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 160
Bra Size: 36C
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: L

Love the dress and the color. Not only does the dress travel well, the 100-day challenge simplified packing for a week-long trip! Even though I wear it differently every day, the decision fatigue relief is real.

Lisa Q.
Length: Regular
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 140
Bra Size: 36B
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: M
Camillia for the 100 Day win!

It took me a minute to find my match, especially for a 100 day challenge, but I think I’ve done it. Of course I’ve only worn her 2/100, but she is so comfortable and easy to style that I am sure this is the right dress that will reach me into later spring/ early summer in Minneapolis for 100 straight days of wear. And if I run out of styling ideas , or opportunity to put her on every day (I work two jobs and have two businesses, I’m a very busy person lol), I’ll wear her as a nightgown.

Only issue so far is extreme static, but I’m working on finding a solution. Some good ideas on the Wooland Facebook group.

Length: Regular
Height: 5'2"
Weight: 120
Bra Size: 34B
Size Purchased: XS
Usual Size: XS
Perfect for packing light on vacation

I bought this dress in black for a week-long trip to Costa Rica and it was PERFECT. It saved so much space in my suitcase. After hiking/biking/rafting/whatever all day, I wore this dress to dinner each night and I always felt cute. It worked well both in the rainy cloud forest and at the beach. I let the dress air out on a hanger each night and it never felt remotely dirty. I did not have issues with bra straps as others have mentioned. I wear a S in the Rowena and I went with XS for this dress. It is loose but still feels flattering and stylish.

Length: Long
Height: 5’5”
Weight: 125 lb.
Bra Size: 34A
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: S
One Hundred Days in the Same Dress??

As anything in life there were pros and cons to this dress and the 100 day challenge.

Dress Color:
Pro: Went with many different thing.
Con: None.

The Dress:
Pro: Very feminine, light, loose, and cool.
Con: Too nice be comfortably worn around puppies, hiking, or climbing.

Weather and the Dress:
Pro: Great for weather that is 85 degrees to 45 degrees.
Con: Too cold for weather under 45 degrees. The dress clings to the legs when the temperature is too cold.

Washing and Odor
Pro: Because it is a 100% wool dress, washing was very minimal. I only needed to wash the dress 5 times during my 100 day challenge. By airing the dress out every night, the dress did not ever really stink with body odor.
Con: You have to plan your wash day for your dress since it needs to hang dry.

The 100 Day Challenge
Pro: I did not know that a dress could be worn so many ways.
Con #1: As the temperature has dropped, the dress has been worn more as an under garment that the way I wished to wear it.
Con #2: If you are sick or going on a hike or anything the dress has to be worn. It is a commitment.

Final Thought:
This is a great challenge that can show you the importance of the quality of an item versus quantity of items. If you have the money to buy two dresses, skip the challenge and just buy the second dress. You will want a second dress.

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