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leggings at a glance

We make superior leggings, perfect for any occasion.


180 gsm
For layering—great under dresses and tunics



300 gsm
For everyday wear—stretchy and versatile

Axis Crop
Summit Pocket
Summit Straight


345 gsm
For extra warmth—in fully opaque ponte


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about our wool

We source Woolmark® certified merino directly from the McBride family farm located on the coastline of SE Australia.

As a family-run organization, the McBrides are creating a sustainable company for generations to come. The farm is specifically focused on improving energy efficiencies, land conservation, and biodiversity.


A textured midweight fabric that provides structure with a touch of comfortable stretch.

75% Ultrasoft Merino Wool
22% Nylon
3% Spandex
340 GSM
17.5 Micron Wool

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

These pants (or more accurately, these pants’ pockets!) have grown on me. Sturdy, breathable and all purpose.

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 150
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
Perfect design, new Ponte fabric is not durable

I had bought a pair of the previous discontinues version of these pants that ran a size small and lived in them for a year, they still look brand new. I was super excited when they started selling this updated version and immediately bought a pair. The fabric is much thinner and 71% wool instead of 75%. After only a few months of wear holes are developing on the inside seam, even though they are not at all tight on me (which is good as the fabric would likely see through a bit then). I contacted customer service and was informed the fabric was changed due to customer feedback. I will gladly purchase these again in a second if they bring back the old fabric as the design and fit is amazing (I love the way the seams are done, the wasteband doesn't bunch or roll, the pockets are convenient without being bulky) but the current new fabric is not worth the price.

Thank you for your honest feedback. We're so sorry to hear that the Ponte leggings haven't held up as hoped! We'll be back in touch via email about the holes developing in your garment, as this is definitely not what we'd expect from our products. We appreciate you sticking with us!

Height: 5"6"
Weight: 150 (menopause)
Bra Size: 34B
Size Purchased: M
Usual Size: M
A Tale of Comfort and Disappointment: A Review of Merino Wool & Piper Leggings

the Merino Wool& Piper leggings offer a commendable blend of fit and comfort, making them a promising choice for everyday wear. However, the abrupt appearance of a hole within a short span of ownership casts a shadow of doubt on their durability and overall value. I would not take these hiking. While the initial experience with these leggings was positive, the unexpected flaw serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough quality control and craftsmanship in ensuring customer satisfaction. As a consumer, I remain hopeful that future iterations of these leggings will address such concerns, delivering on their promise of comfort and longevity without compromise.

We're so sorry to hear about this as it's not what we expect from our products. We'd love it if you reached out to so that we can have the chance to make it right for you!

Height: 5'6"
Weight: 228
Bra Size: 40D
Size Purchased: L
Usual Size: 2X
The only leggings you'll ever need!

I just received my new wool leggings today and I am officially never taking them off! They are one with me, haha.

On a fit note: I normally wear a size 2 legging from Torrid, which I believe is the same as a 2X size. With that in mind, I initially purchased the XXL (the largest size Wool& currently offers) and was praying that they would fit. Imagine my surprise when they were too baggy! I have a friend who's a seamstress, and her thoughts are that it's almost like Wool& sizes the leggings as if they have no stretch - but these are quite stretchy and comfortable. So I exchanged for 2 sizes down and got a L, and they are a perfect fit for me. I like that they hit my waist and don't roll down. I love the size of the pockets, which are fairly large and are quite easy to get my phone in and out of. Even with the L I have a slight amount of wiggle room/roomy fabric at my ankles, but it's not a deal-breaker. The only additional request I would make for these otherwise perfect leggings is adding a compression/shaping element for the waist to the larger sizes. It would be nice to have that area be a little more flattering on the tummy rolls.

As for the opacity, they seem pretty good, but I wish they were fully opaque. My husband said when I bend over he could ever so slightly make out underwear lines/colors if you're looking for them, but hopefully nobody random is that close, haha. I am planning on wearing tunic-length shirts just to make sure there's no public wardrobe malfunctions, but I'm a bit bummed as I was hoping to be able to wear these for dance/workouts.

Overall though, 5 stars! They are very comfortable and function well as leggings, and I am happy enough with them that I will add more to my closet in the future.

Louisa M.
Height: 5'4''
Weight: 130
Bra Size: 32B
Size Purchased: S
Usual Size: S
The best leggings!

These are my new favorite leggings and they are everything that I hoped they would be. They are comfy, the waistband is comfy, the elastic in the waistband doesn't get twisted up AND they have a bit of a polished/elegant vibe going on because of how the outside seams are constructed and how the material is a bit thicker, compared to regular leggings. I'm really looking forward to wearing these on an upcoming flight later this week. I use the Summit leggings for exercise/running, and these for everything else that doesn't require hard pants/a dress.

wearing merino comes with advantages