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Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Could be a bit longer

It is soft, nicely weighted and useful as a throw, a wrap, a cape. I add it as a layer to my winter wardrobe and wear it around my shoulders while reading in bed.

The marionbeerry color was disappointing in this batch..its not the deep burgundy/purple of ny willow dress, instead its more of a smoky grape. I don't love it, but it's a nice subdued color and it matches exactly to the Margo dress I purchased at the same time.

I do wish it was a bit longer...when used as a throw. I have to choose to cover either my feet or my shoulders. It won't reach both.

When wrapped around my shoulders in bed it does wrap around my torso, but I have to adjust it carefully to completely cover me.

I do love that it can be worn as a scarf, wrap, cape, headcount, or even a skirt

Absolutely the best

I love my Astoria throw, I sleep with it every night. It keeps me cool in our house in Germany with no AC, but also warm in the winter. Wish it came in larger sizes for the whole bed. My husband liked mine so much he wanted one for himself. We now have 3 in our house and these have replaced our other throw blankets on our couches and in our bed. Please please make more colors and larger ones ❤️😄 looking forward to winter and using it as a skirt or shawl too.

Nearly perfect!

This throw is the perfect weight and so very soft and comfy. I have had it for several months and have transitioned from couch snuggling to using it on my bed nightly. Unfortunately, it is not quite long enough for that purpose but the comfort level almost makes up for that.
I have worn it as a shawl and look forward to having it for travel in the future. It is, as my title states, nearly perfect.

Pleasantly surprised

I have to admit being apprehensive in spending $148 for a throw blanket. But I love cozy blankets and wool& and it was available in black and thusly I was persuaded to order. And I LOVE IT!! If I'd ever manage to take a trip again in my lifetime (I'm being dramatic, I'm only pushing 41) this is coming with me. I use it as my only blanket I sleep with at night now that the season has changed. It's cozy and comfy and soft, I'd buy it again for sure.

I sleep with it every night

I've struggled to stay warm at night in bed, the location of my room is furthest away from our furnace. Now that I have this layer of merino wool underneath my bedspread I am perfect!
My two kids have their Woolino toddler blankets and now I have my own sized merino wool blanket throw.

It also is great repurposed as a scarf.

I can't wait to bring it with me traveling at the end of March. I'm bringing it on my carry-on!

wearing merino comes with advantages